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Basic Arrhythmia Interpretation


    This course was invaluable to me. I will use the information on a daily basis in my nursing practice. I liked the online presentation backed up by the book and many EKG strips to practice. I particularly liked the
application of an arrhythmia to cardiac physiology and ultimate treatment. I am about to recertify in ACLS and because of this course I feel stronger than I ever have in preparation for it. I truly appreciated the opportunity to study at my own pace, in my own time and space. Very effective. The feedback was always remarkable prompt. Many thanks, I enjoyed the course and feel much better grounded for it.

     Thank you so much for offering this course. I plan on recommending it in the future.

     Thanks for your quick responses and getting the exam to me in time. Great course. And practicing the rhythm strips in the text were fun. It was a great experience!! Thanks for everything!

     I enjoyed it very much. I was able to read my text anytime, I used Huff, and I was able to take the practice tests late at night, at my leisure. I was perfect for my needs.

     I enjoyed this course very much. The way that Joy teaches is interesting and fun. I was a bit worried about taking an arrhythmia course that would be "dry" and boring. This was not the case with this course. I liked how Joy mixed in different types of learning experiences (reading, online, actual video of arrhythmia's). Thank you so much :)

     This was a great course! I really enjoyed it and will be very beneficial in pursuing my career goals.

     This class was great! I would recommend to all my friends wanting to further their knowledge in the medical field.

     Loved it! I have recommended it to everyone in the hospital to take it.

JS :
     I enjoyed this course very much and read and re read all of the material and studied my note cards from the book and did all of the book work. I am recommending this class to all of the people I know in EMS for the county. I just want to thank you so much for having this course online. It makes life easier rather than having to show up and sit in a classroom.